Alien news: Buzz Aldrin other NASA astronauts pass tests on ‘UFO encounters’ | Weird | News

Alien news: Buzz Aldrin other NASA astronauts pass tests on ‘UFO encounters’ | Weird | News

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The astronaut’s accounts of alien sightings were examined under laboratory conditions and all four astronauts passed the test which was carried out using the latest technology, according to reports.

Testing was said to be carried out by The Institute of BioAcoustic Biology in Albany, Ohio using complex computer analysis of the spacewalker’s voice patterns as they told of their extraterrestrial encounters.

Buzz Aldrin, 88, said he saw a UFO on the way to the moon: “There was something out there that was close enough to be observed, sort of L-shaped.”

BioAcoustic’s Sharry Edwards said the tests show Mr Aldrin is certain he saw a UFO.

But the astronaut said his logical mind “cannot explain it”.

Apollo 15 pilot Al Worden, 86, also claims to have seen aliens in a shocking Good Morning Britain interview.

Voice recordings of fellow Nasa pioneers Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper, who are now dead, were also analysed.

Apollo 14’s Mitchell claimed to have seen numerous UFOs while Cooper described them chasing a cluster of objects.

The results “prove” they were “completely convinced” of signs of alien life they claim to have witnessed, experts say.

Although the tests only prove the astronauts believe they are telling the truth and it does not necessarily prove alien life.

The mission saw the first two people land on the moon – Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin – in 1969.

However, prior to landing on the lunar surface, the team, which also included Michael Collins, orbited the moon in their spacecraft.

The astronauts aboard spotted strange craters, which startled them and prompted strange discussions.

However, the terminology the astronauts used has people believing they spotted evidence of aliens.

Mr Aldrin said: “That’s a spectacular crater.”

Mr Collins replied: “Boy, there must be nothing more desolate than to be inside some of these craters, these conical ones”

Mr Armstrong continued: “People that live in there probably never get out.”

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