GHOST NEWS: Silent ‘WW2 ghost plane’ terrifies locals as it flies over Derbyshire | Weird | News

GHOST NEWS: Silent ‘WW2 ghost plane’ terrifies locals as it flies over Derbyshire | Weird | News

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Many witnesses claimed to have seen a dark-coloured Second World War aircraft gliding silently towards the ground before disappearing from view in the East Midlands.

Even local media reported receiving numerous calls from people claiming to have noted a “ghost plane” at different locations across the county.

Witnesses stated they saw a dark, fast-moving and silent aircraft sweep across the sky.

And some even claim it might be the apparition of a Second World War Douglas Dakota that crashed more than 70 years ago.

The sightings even made news in America with YouTube conspiracy theorist Tyler Glockner speculating on his channel Secureteam10 that the object nosedived to the ground, before “disappearing”.

He also added that the plane was silent.

His video racked up 60,000 hits.

One viewer posted: “I live in Leicester, and me and my friend were in his back garden when we saw this plane a couple of months back.

“I remember this because it was completely silent, we were both confused by it.”

And another added: “What if the past is replaying itself? I think that’s what it is.”

However, the mystery was quickly solved with the mounting speculation forcing the RAF to rubbish the claims and explain what was really going on.

A spokesman revealed it was part of a military exercise.

Air force chiefs said three military aircraft were in the area at the time of the sightings on Monday evening.

A spokesman from the RAF said: “The RAF can confirm that three Hercules aircraft, from RAF Brize Norton, flew a routine sortie across the Derbyshire area on Monday evening.

“We are routinely flying over the Peak District and we increased our fleet of A400m Atlas from eight to 22 last year, so in the next two years we will be doing more test flights over the area.

“We tend to fly over the Peak District and Lake District because those areas are less populated which makes it safer for everyone involved.

“Also the challenging landscapes provide good training conditions for our pilots who need to practice flying in extreme conditions.”

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