UFO NEWS: Is this truth of ‘fleet of UFOs filmed from plane’ that took internet by storm? | Weird | News

UFO NEWS: Is this truth of ‘fleet of UFOs filmed from plane’ that took internet by storm? | Weird | News

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The video, said to have been shot over Taiwan, shows what looks like eight bright circular orbs moving slowly beneath the plane.

The unnamed witness said in a report to MUFON, which keeps a global database of UFO sightings and investigates some of the cases, said: “I have witnessed eight to ten UFOs flying.

“I was on the air plane of Eva Airlines from Vancouver, Canada, to Taipei, Taiwan BR0009.

“Thirty minutes before, I saw a bright light flying underneath.

“The third video I have is 38 seconds. About eight UFOs are flying under the plane.

“I used slow motion to film the video until they asked me to shut down my camera due to landing policy.”

Many people who viewed the video online were convinced it was a fleet of UFOs flying beneath the plane.

It was filmed in October 2014, but the story was recently shared on the newsbreakapp which reported there was a “fleet” of UFOS seen flying under a plane amid claims that UFO enthusiasts and debunkers alike were unable to come up with a rational explanation.

However, it has since been looked at by debunkers who claims it is neither a UFO nor alien.

Former space shuttle engineer James Oberg, who debunks UFO sightings, said: “Nature and human activities provide a numerous variety of explanations, most of which these investigators (who posted the video) never even thought of.”

His view is backed by some viewers of the MUFON YouTube channel.

One posted: “Those are reflections. MUFON please filter your sightings so we can keep the real sightings from the ones we can explain.”

Another posted: “Looks like they fly over mountains and these bright spots are reflections of small lakes. I remember this by flying over the Alps in France and Switzerland.”

A third said: “Ships in the sea? “They are not moving and are not above the clouds. Another wild guess is oil rigs, the plane is leaving the objects behind, which means they are either stationary or moving slower.”

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