UFO FOUND after TV star takes stormy photo

UFO FOUND after TV star takes stormy photo

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Fernando Figoni from La Plata, capital of Argentina’s Buenos Aires province, is well known for his media broadcasts and hosting of music events.

One day at work, Figoni decided to go to the building’s roof and watch the brooding storm that was approaching the city.

The presenter took some photos and when he reviewed them later on he saw something in the sky that was… unidentifiable.

In the middle of the black clouds is what appears to be a bright flying saucer.

He posted on social media: ”You are at work and you decide to nip out and look at the storm coming in and you see that! What is it?”

Internet users were quick to give their opinion.

Claudia Bengochea wrote: “That is a UFO!”

Pablo Hormiga Vazquez added: “I believe.”

Natalia Padilla agreed: “I think so too!

“I do not think that Fernando would publish something fake. But that looks like a UFO for sure!”

Lucas Gaston Aguirre had an eerie coincidence: “I also took a photo similar to this and in my image you can see that object as well!”

Bati Agus joked: “Maybe it is Mauricio Macri (President of Argentina) flying to Cordoba on his new low cost airline?”