Humanity – Our Forbidden Extra-Terrestrial Past

Humanity – Our Forbidden Extra-Terrestrial Past


I kept a record of my first-hand experiences in the exciting young semiconductor industry.

It is amazing how little we know about the key players and brilliant minds of the remarkable pioneers of the Semiconductor Revolution. Without them there would be no computer and in turn no human genome, satellite communication, space exploration, a plethora of inventions with multi billion pound industries and of course the most significant – the Internet.

But as I watched the amazing development of the transistor and the ubiquitous ‘silicon chip’ which has revolutionised our world, I began to link these extraordinary envisionary achievements with the human brain. Regular journeys past Silbury Hill prompted me to consider where our remarkable knowledge came from and so began an investigation into the enigmatic Silbury Hill in relation to our early anthropology and astonishing evolution.

Why does the establishment want us to believe that Silbury Hill is nothing more than a chalk mound when they know there is much more to this ancient structure?

Why are we so clever compared to our nearest relative the African Chimpanzee? Could a chimpanzee, who shares 98.4% of our genetic make-up, in the next 10,000 years be able to design, build and drive a car? I think this is very possible but only with some help from us!

Were the seeds of humanity the result of some extra-terrestrial experimentation with our Homo sapiens ancestors in our ancient past? Were we helped to inadvertently create the ‘Planet of the Homo sapiens” when an ancient civilisation founded by extra-terrestrials was devastated through some major global catastrophe around 10,500 years ago?

At present, our understanding of humanity is determined by Creationism, roughly equivalent to the first two chapters of the Book of Genesis. Creationism requires blind faith and various religions/faiths evolved from this biblical source.

Then came Jesus, the son of God one of a long list of son of God. Then someone had the brilliant idea of heaven and hell. This made the Church extremely wealthy and powerful, through the idea of absolution, confession and use of the Inquisition which lasted over 600 years and we are still feeling its influence today!!

Science was ever present but the time was right in 1859 for Darwin to publish his ideas on evolution further shaped our ideas on Humanity through Darwinism.

Then came the idea of Intelligent Design to combat the rising scientific arguments. Basicallyit supports Creationism and is presented as science, and shares other arguments with creationism but avoids literalBiblical references to such things as the Flood from the Book of Genesisor using Bible verses to age the Earth.

And also the ever present ‘Nature v Nurture’ debate.


Why has this question been suppressed or even forbidden over time?

It is not a new question and has been explored through the generations. After all it was mentioned in the Bible as cleverly depicted in Monty Pythons film “Life of Brian’ which not surprisingly was banned by the Church!

We have been through the most extraordinary madness. Something has gone radically wrong in our History. An awful lot of psychopaths have ruled the world.

It would seem that someone doesn’t want us to explore our extra – terrestrial past! A past that would reveal just how clever we all are and how we have been manipulated by Elites through the centuries.

So, first we need to realise there are Elites’ among us. They and their ancestors had discovered in our distant past how to manipulate and control our collective subconscious minds by playing mainly on our fears and greed. This has created their ongoing success!

They are likely to have evolved from a long line of secret societies – Knights Templar, Freemasonry, etc., intent on preserving the remains of a master race from the extra-terrestrial colonisation of Earth some 13,000 years ago.

To explore this fundamental question we need to understand a simplified model of our various states of mind.

Conscious state.

Now – in the moment. The Moment of Choice, sometimes powerful moments of choice – Marriage/Divorce, career change, house move ….

When the transitory instant passes the conscious slips into the sub conscious. The sleep process enables our data to be stored logically?

Sub Conscious

Forgotten memories from our life span on Earth triggered by an event can move sub conscious fleetingly back to the conscious state of mind – for example meeting a school friend you haven’t seen for years and sharing old experiences.

However our subconscious is open to manipulation, from simple and fairly innocuous mind games, e.g., being reminded about the lake to the left of the fairway just as you are about to play your shot, sledging in cricket, etc. These examples show how our thinking process can be easily disrupted and how through the powers of concentration these thoughts can be dismissed from the mind.

Yet there is a more sinister threat to our unconscious through extremely serious professional psychologists employed by an extremely rich and powerful group among us ruling the world – I have labelled them ‘Elites’. Their aim is to make themselves even more powerful by finding ways of stealing your wealth and endangering your health.

Elites are absolutely ruthless and not concerned about people being killed in wars initiated by them or through tobacco, medicines, fast food, etc.

Edward Bernays (Freud’s nephew) played a big part in developing these Public Relation and Propaganda Techniques at the beginning of the last century by exploiting our subconscious to get us to buy products from corporations sponsored by the Elites.

One of Bernays success stories was the tobacco industry. Smoking cigarettes would give us a tough image if a man, or if a woman would make us glamorous and independent – heavily promoted by the Black & White films of the day!! Film moguls such as Howard Hughes had big financial interest in promoting the growing tobacco industry through their films, even though there was absolutely no benefits to us through smoking!!

Present culprits – still the tobacco industry, but now closely followed by the just as dangerous snack and pharmaceutical industries)! (“The sweet you can eat between meals without ruining your appetite” – no you can’t!!)


It is difficult when we are constantly being bombarded by propaganda and other rubbish in newspapers, TV programmes, peer groups, ‘professionals’ (Doctors, Psychologists, Solicitors, Clergy, etc), etc.

BE YOUR OWN DOCTOR IF STILL POSSIBLE, (over 60% of the deaths recorded in the US were down to patient medicines and tablets). The pharmaceutical companies, supported by many doctors don’t really care about your health – like the tobacco industry.

Psychologists promote our indulgence of thinking – we sometimes think too much but they will make you think even more – ignore and just keep smiling!!

Solicitors will make a simple divorce settlement a disaster!

The Church- why are there so many woman Catholics considering how badly they have been treated through the centuries? Christmas – we fall for it every year!

Politicians – we already know how greedy and corrupt they are. Puppets to the Elites! Is a lack of interest in voting an indication we are beginning to see through the rudderless populism of puppet politicians? At the next general election should we have a box on the ballot form labelled ‘Pointless’? As it is highly unlikely such a choice will be available, just don’t vote!

Remember we don’t live in a democracy, you don’t have to look too deep to see how Blair took us into a war with IRAQ that the majority didn’t want and as for fracking!!!

When the American politicians were losing the American public interest in going to war with IRAQ, a story suddenly appeared in The Wall Street Journal that Saddam’s soldiers were killing babies in Lower Mesopotamia. Immediately public opining changed to support the horrific bombing of Baghdad even though the story was later shown to have been fabricated – but it achieved the result of branding Saddam Hussein a monster. The real baby killers turned out to be Bush & Blair!! They did a really great job for the Elites creating huge ongoing unrest in the world that was totally unnecessary!

The public don’t like war so why is the coverage of World War 1 going way over the top. Lots of money and control to be made in war. So easy to destabilise a peaceful situation! So easy to play on our fears by providing an enemy! Predictive Visualisation – subliminal mind games – so we accept the real thing when it comes along! Especially linked to war!!

The financial crisis caused by the credit crunch where many financiers and bankers ran off with millions if not billions of dollars. But seemingly the ‘Elites’ would have us believe that the financial crisis was caused by single mothers and benefit cheats!

One of the biggest of all Elites scams was the introduction of money to replace bartering and good will. Their slow stealth-like approach to introducing their monetary system guarantee’s that most of us today are slaves to the Elites. It is now very difficult to imagine a world without money – but is a money-free society possible? The Inca Empire and many other societies seem to have managed it! It seems that trust and kindness are important ingredients in such a society! Some of us today, a select few, seem to be able to live day to day life without money – has anyone seen the Queen rummaging about in a purse?

Some of us who resist the shackles of using a system that uses a simple piece of paper that “Promises to pay the bearer on demand the sum of – the value written on the note”, are labelled ‘underclass’ ‘new age’ ‘primitive’ . Clearly ‘rat race’ is not one of their labels.

Environmentalists have been hoodwinked by the Airline Industry (Elites) in much the same way as we were deceived by the Tobacco industry. Our planet is being zigzagged with over 58,000 flight paths used each day and with many of the planes flying empty to maintain their routes. To put the fuel consumption into perspective, a single flight from London to New York consumes more fuel than used by all Formula 1 cars during a Grand Prix season!! Millions of gallons of fossil fuels are converted by jet engines into pollutants and discharged into our atmosphere each day apparently with no greenhouse effect!! Nevertheless the Ozone layer depletion and greenhouse effect is our fault for using aerosol cans and coal fired electricity!

With pensioners dying because they are unable to pay for the huge increases in heating costs, seemingly it is not the fault of the energy companies’ cartel, no it’s your fault for trying to stop fracking!!

Subliminal marketing messages e.g. used in Music Videos (supposed to be illegal) also used extensively.

Give them a flag, a national anthem, Queen/King and Country, an enemy and they will follow like sheep!!

Watch how the Elites manipulate/persuade us that Charles and Camilla will make a wonderful King and Queen!!

Also interesting to see how they will use all their powers and influence to manipulate and destabilise the democratic YES vote for Scottish Independence. If Scotland votes YES, it will be a very pleasant surprise and a step in the right direction for humanity.  However, Scotland will need to be brave to cope with the retribution which the ‘Elites’ will undoubtedly dish out unless the break-up of the UK is what they really want!?

Why is it that anyone exploring this intriguing extra-terrestrial question is labelled a ‘crackpot’? In the past it would have been a lot worse.

It is interesting how the Elites give the establishment (their establishment) positive ‘labels’ – archaeologists, Egyptologists, palaeontologist, bishop, etc. Free thinkers are labelled by them as witches (they were the NHS nurses and midwives of their day), heretics, misfits, crackpots, new age, conscious objectors/cowards, etc., which conjure up an immediate negative impression of the individual before he/she opens their mouth!

So it is time to play them at their own game. I am going to plant an alternative label in your subconscious to describe the conventional archaeologist and Egyptologist who pontificate there long established lazy, sloppy ideas handed down to them by some equally lazy/sloppy professor, usually from the same university. The new label for these guys is CLING-ON.

Maybe giving them this label will be a wakeup call? Will it bring the establishment academics out of their ivory towers? Let’s find out.

Play them at their own game by ignoring their manipulation and propaganda, even if it means doing without!

Realize how the Elites manipulate our subconscious and beat them at their own game.


However it is not easy as the Elites are ruthless and readily prepared to put the destabilisation propaganda and ‘dirty tricks’ departments into full swing!!

It’s not always easy being aware when our subconscious is being manipulated. When I stop getting on my soap boxes, I know I’m winning.

So, what would happen if we took control of ourselves, if we didn’t vote at the next election, if we didn’t read Rupert Murdock biased newspapers or switched off the TV propaganda news programmes? Well, they would have to change – and surely it couldn’t be any worse?

Remember our states of mind are also collective. Again this collective subconscious can be manipulated by the ‘Elites’ surrounding it with their manipulative ideas of religions, politics, nationalism, etc., and smothering our inner core – our individuality!

The fact that across the world, cultures, religions etc., we can enjoy the same piece of music, a football match, a joke. I believe this highlights a commonality of our origins, a single place and point in time where humanisation began!

We must believe “Anything is possible” as highlighted in sport – sport transcends.


Source by John Cowie